Here is a glimpse of what we do to make a difference from a grassroots approach. Contact us if you would like to donate or become involved in any project.


Operation apiary

Our first project began with a gift from Hoa Aina O Makaha when we became partners in March of 2015.  An unused apiary (a place where bees are kept) on the farm, dedicated to children, was given to us to restore.  Gigi Cocquio, Executive Director and caretaker of HAOM, kept bees for many years until pests like the African Small Hive Beetle and Varroa Destructor Mite killed his colonies off.

After a month of dusting cobwebs and refurbishing old beekeeping equipment, another gift was bestowed upon us.  A swarm was captured by Laurent Pool of Waimea Valley and donated to us because we kept some of our original hives there years ago.  This is how our magical dream became reality.



pollinator program

Established at Hoa Aina O Makaha, this program focuses on the third graders of Makaha Elementary.  Students learn about teamwork, beekeeping, pollination, Hawaiian tradition and how to create pollinator friendly habitats.  Together with the children of our community, we have rediscovered the customary values of the Hawaiian culture -- love for the land, love for each other, and love for the world we live in.



In a world of 7.4 billion people, could you imagine what this planet would be like if everyone did something for the greater good of their environment?  Western honeybees are a perfect example of a super organism that works efficiently to give back to Mother Earth in the most benevolent way.  Since Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) was introduced as a phenomenon in 2006, the mass media has shined much light on species, Apis mellifera.  A decade later, backyard beekeeping and "save the bees" campaigns are the current trends hyping up society.

If you are new to apiculture and would like to learn how to keep bees, we invite you to reach out and build a solid relationship with us.  Rates for mentoring vary based on what our clientele has to offer us in the form of a skill or trade.  We stay true to our alternative lifestyle by honoring a barter system.



butterfly nursery


habitat restoration