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To honor February of 2016 as a month of romance and love, we offered a Sweetheart Special to couples and launched our Honeybee Farm Tour at Honest Greens Farm in Waimanalo, HI.  We provide this experience for small groups of 2-4 people (12+ in age).  Bee suits and equipment are included.  Pregnant women, young children, and people allergic to bees should inquire about visiting our other apiary which has a screened viewing house for protection.  Please read the testimonials below to get an idea of what to expect on a tour with Beelieve Hawaii's founder, Jasmine Joy.



Words from miko ries

In February, I took my beloved on a Honey Tour to celebrate our anniversary and Valentine's Day.  Jasmine met us in Waimanalo, set us up with beekeeper suits and captured our imaginations with fascinating tales and honeybee facts.  The talk was really profound and made the relevance of bees to the health of our world absolutely clear.  Jasmine was so knowledgeable and generous to us but, the best part was seeing how patient, gentle and connected she is with her bees.  My beloved and I got to get in really close to the bees.  Their gentle buzzing brought us to a higher vibration and then of course... there's the honey!  With the tour package, we got some of the most delicious, nourishing, golden honey that I've ever sampled.  We will remember our first Honey Tour until the end of time.  We will bee back for sure!

words from kiana luna

I was so excited when my partner told me that he made plans for our anniversary adventure together at a bee farm.  I appreciate and honor all living creatures but, I have a heightened appreciation for bees knowing how incredibly vital their existence is to the balance of all things in nature.  Jasmine was really warm, friendly, and passionate about her bee family.  It was such a pleasure to see and hear her share stories with us about her life with them.  The honey is amazing, the location was magical, and it was a precious experience to get to connect with the bees up close with my sweetheart.  Thank you Jasmine for allowing us into your sacred bee temple!