“While our nation is a mosaic of land uses and ownerships, pollinating animals do not recognize human-drawn boundaries." -- Pollinator Health Task Force

Hawaii is an ideal place for feral honeybee colonies to thrive because of its tropical climate in most regions.  Since the islands only experience a wet and a dry season, a majority of buildings and houses that lack insulation become model homes for honeybees to nest in.  These diligent little creatures find their way inside tiny holes and tight crevices scouting for hollow areas where they could establish a hive.  If you have an issue with honeybees on your property and would like them removed alive, thank you for considering the humane approach to your problem.  We will gladly come assess the location of hive activity and give you a fair estimate based on the difficulty of extraction and how long the process takes.


integrity and efficiency motivate us to make our clientele feel at ease. please be prepared to answer the questions below before calling our hotline with a problem:

  1.  What is your name, e-mail, and residential address?
  2.  What town do you live in?
  3.  How long have the bees been on your property?
  4.  Are you a home owner, property manager, or tenant?
  5.  How big is the colony comparatively speaking?
  6.  Is it a swarm or an established beehive?
  7.  Where are the bees located and how accessible are they?
  8.  Are the bees acting hostile toward people or animals in their proximity?
  9.  How urgent do you need the bees removed?
  10.  Is it possible for you to send pictures via e-mail or text message?